Dolfines successfully tests its TrussFloatTM floating technology at Oceanide test site in Southern France

We are proud to present you in this video tank tests conducted at Oceanide test site in Southern France.

1/36 scale floater tested under 100-year conditions with an innovative 2B-Energy 2B6 wind turbine.

The tests did prove successful and demonstrated the superior peformance of TrussFloatTM for floating wind power applications!

During the tests, TrussFloatTM showed excelent behaviour enabling the wind turbine to produce electricity regardless of the sea conditions.

The tests featured a particular wind turbine: the innovative 2B6 by 2B-Energy, a downwind 2-bladed wind turbine on a jacket mast.

TrussFloatTM also hosts “standard” upwind 3-bladed wind turbines & tubular mast.