Ademe Validates Without Reserve The Final Key Stage Of EolFloat Project

DOLFINES, an international specialist in renewable energies, announces full validation by ADEME of the final key stage of the EOLFLOAT project.

Commenting on this news, Jean-Claude Bourdon, founder and President of DOLFINES, said: “We welcome the positive finalization of this important project at the end of three years of design and development of TRUSSFLOAT™. This full validation by ADEME stresses the relevance of chosen technological development, that satisfies the terms of the contract and the objectives set. It allows positioning DIETSWELL, through its 100% subsidiary DOLFINES dedicated to renewable energies, on the floating wind market with a ready for market product, with highly competitive technical and economic characteristics. Now Dolfines is already in contact with several developers and turbine manufacturers in Europe and Asia for the provision or promotion of TRUSSFLOAT™ systems.”